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Our Services

Performing the oil and technical services, involving supply and installation of all the required equipments and devices for the oil and technical activities and gas projects, particularly involving the followings:

  • Exerting efforts for transfer of the oil and technical technology.
  • Performing the works of supplies and installation for oil and technical aspects.
  • Providing the technical services for oil utilities.
  • Accepting agency for the specialized international companies, promotion and marketing of petroleum equipments.
  • Performing all the related works to technical consultations for petroleum establishments and projects.
  • Execution of the petroleum projects in collaboration with the international companies.
  • Performing mechanical maintenance, petroleum and technical services.
  • Execution of Air planes fuel systems.
  • Execution of liquid gas system, launching and maintenance of pipe-lines.
  • Execution of security systems, and services of safety management for the petroleum establishment.
  • Performing construction and establishment works in oil fields and terminals, rendering the required technical manpower in the field of maintenance, operation and installation.
  • supply and installation of pipes for utilities systems, and performing the works of industrial installation, tanks and pumps.
  • Ownership of required real estates and movable assets for its activity.

Currently the industry energy in Libya is under going to a larger investment program to increase its output capabilities this has created an increase demand for such services..